A.G. Minerals Pvt. Ltd.

A.G Minerals Pvt. Ltd is a private limited company registered in B.S 2078/04/O8 ( 23rd July 2021) under the company Act, 2063. A.G Minerals pvt.Ltd is established with basic motive of mine & Minerals prospecting, exploration, development and promotion. Its main purpose is to provide the consultancy service to the various Mine companies and individual prospecting license holders also.

A.G provides professional, multidisciplinary services to support all aspects of mine development, from exploration and feasibility through to design, digital transformation, contract negotiations, construction supervision, mine management, operational assistance and training. A.G is a one of leading Consultancy Company in Nepal. We offers a broad spectrum of professional technical expertise to the mining sector.

Registration No :      265360/078/079

      PAN No:                                   610030341

Gharelu tatha sana udhyog : Regd No: 768/078/079

Our services:

    • Consultancy service to different mining Projects
    • Mine Safety & Training
    • Research & Development
    • Mapping , ERT, Survey and drawing
    • Prospecting and Mining scheme service
    • Project management, feasibility and Design
    • EIA/ IEE service
    • Supports all types of mining project
    • Geological and engineering service

          Research and Development

  • Our Mission
    • To be leading Mining Consultancy company in Nepal
    • To provide best and effective services to clients
    • To develop and promote the mine of Nepal



Message from Chairman

Dear client

I am pleased to inform you that A.g Minerals Consulting Co., Ltd. is one of the best consulting companies in Nepal. Since its establishment, we have been providing excellent services. Nepal has enormous potential for mining Secto. We can become the wealthiest country in the world due to mining project or industries. We can create millions of job opportunities through mining projects in Nepal. We provide multiple services for projects, including ERT, surveying, IEE, EIA, exploration work, mining plans, training, design, surveying, and mapping.

If you need our excellent service, we sincerely welcome all of us to participate in our consultation. Let's work together to make Nepal prosperous and happy.




Giri Raj adhikari


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