Bally Rich Pvt. Ltd

Bally Rich Pvt. Ltd. is a registered company under the law of Nepal Government having 100% holdings by Foreign Direct Investment. The Company is going to establish an international standard hotel in the purpose land at Nagarjun Municipality, Kathmandu, Nepal.

In order to achieve sustainable economic growth, the travel and tourism sector plays an important role to reduce social, economic, environmental and cultural barriers. Some of the major obstacles to this growth are the lack of infrastructure, environmental degradation and fragile linkages that weaken a country’s tourism potential public private sector partnerships that not only enable a country to grow economically, but retain the essential social, cultural and environmental assets that make each country a unique product.

Tourism has become one of the most significant industries in the whole world, being in continuous change, either due the appearance of new types of offer, but also due the changes on the demand side, both influenced by the globalization and the internet, which increased the number of tourist and changed their motivations and behaviors. This way, and in order to compete and grow in this industry, it is crucial to define a suitable strategy. Aim of business plan is to build a world-class integrated resort in Kathmandu. We have more than ten years of experience in Real Estate Development and Hotel Resorts in China. Hope to bring leading construction and management to Nepal, in the next three to five years; we hope to build a comprehensive resort including five-star hotels, specialty hotels, theaters, fine restaurants, playgrounds, children's training camps, international shopping centers and global specialty food streets.