Hatemalo Multipurpose Cooperatives Limited - Kohalpur

Hatemalo Multipurpose Cooperative Limited (HMCL) is a primary cooperative of Kohalpur, banke, Nepal. It was established in November19, 2020 under the Cooperative Act, 2075, article 6 with view of uplifting and promoting economic, social and cultural needs of people who are economically and socially back warded. Its Registration No. is 89- 078/079 and PAN No. is 618281754. Its three branches : banke, Bradiya and Dang. At Present, HMCL provides the diversified services such as Cooperative Banking, Microfinance, Insurance, Remittance, Cooperative education and training through the four branch/Service center network

So, main motto of establishment of this organization is to collect small and scattered amounts of resources from the members to create an economic force and to invest those resources for production, income and employment generate sector for their own economic, social and cultural development.

Our Services 

  • Deposit
  • Loan
  • SMS Banking
  • Halemalo Mobile App
  • Money Transfer by Khati App
  • Mobile Banking etc
  • Digital Collection

Our Business

  • Saving and credit business
  • Agriculture business
  • Mart business
  • Housing business
  • Investment in various viable project
  • Developing project etc

Our Loan Plan

  1. Personal Loan
  2. Business Loan
  3. SME loan
  4. Mortgage loan
  5. Group Witness Loan
  6. House Loan etc

Email Address :

Contact No : 081540162